February 16, 2010

Steps To Become Spiritually Strong

Romans 15

The road that we travel as believers isn't always easy. Jesus never promised easy. He did state the opposite. As believers we often take the harder road and in the end we will be rewarded and blessed for it. It was this way in the early church and so it will be now and in the future. Enter by the narrow gate by the narrow path.

When we are strong we need to "do" for others. To continue to build our strength and thiers one step at a time.

Romans 15:1-We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves.

Because of this strong and weak alike should be in a spirit of unity striving for the same goal. Christ and Christlikeness. We need to accept one another as Christ accepted us (warts and all) in order to bring glory to God. In our desire to help others and our selfless motives we glorify Him.

Jesus invited disciples to show themselves as meek and lowly in spirit by doing the same even though he as God incarnate. This same behavior should be the mark of His servants of all ages. The end net result must by glorifying to God. Put Christ on dsiplay in your attitude and behavior. Is God pleased with your service? What is it that you are doing that is pushing the example of Christ forward for the world to see? Are you taking your faith and beliefs to the next level? Are you living the life through your actions?

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