February 15, 2010

I Stepped Into The Light

I have been told by some that I took a “blind leap of faith” into the dark by abandoning my empirically based engineering (electrical) background of the last 23 years. I dismiss this observation. Christianity is based on evidence / witnesses and is a reasonable faith. The idea of a “leap into the dark” is from Soren Kierkegaard at its heart and secular philosophers, liberal theologians and science majors fraudulently use this as a starting point for their poorly "grounded" arguments in logic. This "poor ground" eventually leads to a "short(age)" in their argument in the end. When starting with a false premise or presupposition you cannot even correctly argue a point. This inevitably produces a false conclusion.

To clarify, I did not take a blind leap into the dark. This would’ve been directly opposed to how I am wired. I stepped into the light. A leap in blind faith would’ve been a rejection of Jesus Christ and His deity in the face of insurmountable and overwhelming corroboration of facts not an acceptance of Him.

I could’ve looked for another job in engineering. I chose not to. Perhaps I should say God chose for me by opening some doors and closing others. Either way I have seen too much to think otherwise. Any sane and intelligent person reviewing my life and the events contained therein would’ve concluded that I should’ve been dead years ago. I am not. That is as much evidence as anyone needs to prove the truth of The Faith. Not only have I survived; I have prospered. Remarkable.

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