February 2, 2010

The Garbage

There are those that accept Jesus intellectually but don’t truly accept Him into their hearts because they are unable too.


They have too much other clutter and garbage in the way, too much refuse blocking the path. The mound of junk is too high. Life takes over their house and pushes Christ out. People have so much junk in their house that it blocks the door when Jesus might have a chance to enter. So what’s stopping your door from opening all the way? Burned in a relationship, arrogance, narcissism, vanity, control freak, physically abused, mentally abused, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, pride, lust, stupidity? What is it? It is a ballast on your spirit.

Some would say, “Well, if he is all powerful, why doesn’t He just force His way in and make people love Him?”

Would you want to force a person to love you? Would you want to force your way into someone’s life and make them love you, accept you? Would that kind of “love” mean as much to you if you had to force a person to do it? Would it mean anything? Would it really be love?

He had the power to raise Himself from the grave and roll the stone from His tomb after His resurrection but he will not enter through the door to your heart without your permission…and the baggage/clutter that you carry, that you refuse to let go of is blocking His way.

Yeah, that stuff! The garbage you don’t really need. The things that are slowly suffocating you. The garbage that is crushing the breath of life out of you. You are being smothered with your possessions and what you “think” you possess. I have to be honest folks, I’ve never seen a dead man own anything.

This goes for all those that proclaim that they love the Lord. Those that have already accepted Christ and never talk/pray to Him. The one’s that treat Christ as window dressing in their lives. The ones that make Christ a "lifestyle" rather than a "LIFE". The Sunday Warriors. We are told to love the Lord God with all our hearts…and our neighbors as ourselves. We need to do that.

What is stopping you from doing that? What junk? Empty out your house. Take out the garbage. The garbage that has become you. Let the Lord God clean house and furnish it. It’ll be more comfortable. You can’t take your junk with you anyway. Take His yoke, it is easy.

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