February 2, 2010


Sin is erosion. Sin Erodes. Disintegrates. Not always quickly but slow. Painfully slow. So slow that it is not even recognized as sin. We recognize the pain but don't always recognize its source. Erosion wears things down until they are no more. Eventually the things affected by sin are destroyed. Sometimes sin is slow or unseen but still erodes like the wind erodes stone. Something invisible wearing down something seemingly indestructible. Something unmovable. Stone.

If it is halted by saving grace there still remains scars, stripes and pockmarks as reminders of our gradual seemingly innocuous decay and destruction. If you don't believe sin scars look no further than the nail marks in Christ's resurrection body.

If the erosion is not arrested and halted it erodes until the stone cannot sustain itself and crashes in on itself. Implodes. The creation becomes the sin and it cannot support it's own weight because the sin has destroyed the base underneath. Once it was good, beautiful, solid. Now only a vesper, particles of dust and sand, chaotic, working against one another blown in the wind...sent out by a merciless driving wind to destroy another seemingly indestructible but beautiful creation.

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