February 2, 2010

Truth or Intolerances

Truth is exclusive [regardless of what the world wants you to think]. Truth needs to exclude that which is not true; which means anything that is false. I am Andy Pierson, a scribe, theologian, weightlifter, husband of Sharon Pierson, father of Seth and Bryce, member of Northpointe Community Church. I can be no other person and no other person can be me. Only one person can be me, and that person is me. There may be others that look like me. That married a woman named Sharon. That are weightlifters, but none are me. Because there is absolutely no possibility that anyone else can be me doesn’t mean that anyone who affirms this fact like my wife or children is intolerant. Someone that says you are not me is not being intolerant they are merely making a correct statement about who “I” am. Likewise, nowadays, Christians who claim exclusivity to a single defining faith are viewed as being intolerant solely for reviewing the facts or evidence and arriving at a conclusion or conviction.

Tolerance is not the question or the issue here, truth is.

The postmodern world believes that even after you have arrived at a truth claim you should continue to be open minded or “keep your mind open” to other truths. If you have already determined what is true why would you continue to look for the truth you have already found? This becomes an unreasonable expectation/proposition. Why would an observer maintain open-mindedness to a second alternative view when truth can only be one of them and the observer has already determined which is true? It is then the one who disbelieves Christianity in the face of the best truth argument then becomes… intolerant. To continue to stay open-minded in the face of this truth then becomes foolishness. There can only be one truth. You tell me, which one is it? I already know the answer. Truth is not dependant on a viewer or viewpoint. Real truth is absolute regardless of whether you or I exist or not. That truth is Christ. Just because someone else’s map to the truth is wrong doesn’t mean the truth itself is wrong.

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