May 4, 2011

Assurance and Confidence


Because He knew
of death's dark enclosure
He had passed immortally
from dark to light
[as implausible as His conception and birth]
He exploded the dark isolated tomb
swing open a barren cavern,
Quicken Lazarus with a voice
this doomed and putrid flesh
with but one touch dissolve
the self-forged mortal bonds
and turn my face and soul
to celebrate the sun!


Immunity is mine
as your own twice-born heir.
etched on the lintel of heart's door
is the same message that marked the cross
Grained deep in wood, flooding down
stained as bright as blood
burst grapes produce
the shining sign of life and love
proof of kinship claimed
Named by you in the book, I wait
watch death's angel pass me by
Do not fear my own safe crossing of the chasm
of a divided sea nor  gap of eternity

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