May 30, 2011

Stone Oblation Or True Salvation

Rotund brown stone goddess
Enshrined in a glass box
Deeply etched and sometimes glued
Walls of this "temple" are brightly lit
Illuminated with incandescent tube

Overweight chunk of Buddha stares blankly
A hundred stone reincarnations
Another weathered statue towers
A long dead Pharaoh listens to the shuffle
A single pair of feet in the last six hours

In this Hall of the gods
Passed the Hell of the mobs
Bored senseless art students race
Noisy families frantically pace
All move past without a face

In the sterile filtered air
No stone or leaden idol smells
This disinfected lifeless afterlife
Modern-day equivalent pagan hell

No longer tributes of grain or blood
No human sacrifice still required
Staring impassive tour guides
Stone eyelids never grow tired

In another building down the block
In a turn of the century chapel
Shadows bow in reverence
To a Cross affixed to the wall
Its occupant long since departed
The imprints of pierced feet
Walk out into the sunshine of life
In the heart of every single disciple

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