May 30, 2011

Uniformitarianism: What Is It and Why Are You Being Force-Fed It?

The problem with "science" and so-called scientists is that they have purposely pigeon-holed their points of view. They absolutely refuse to see outside of their own self-imposed limitations or presuppositions. Another of their intellectually arrogant presuppositions is Uniformitarianism. Uniformitarianism believes that everything within physics progresses along at the same rate. If it has been this way in the past more than likely it will remain this way into the future. The infamous, "This is the way we've always done it, this is the way we will continue to do it, why fix what isn't broke?"

Many scientists claim that they have nearly infallible methods for determining the age of the earth. There are many methods but the primary method is that of Radiometric Dating which relies on uniformitarianism. What is even more amusing is that there is pretty much a disclaimer when using this dating method. It is often stated of radiometric dating that, "different methods of radiometric dating vary in the timescale over which they are accurate and the materials to which they can be applied." Today...they know for a fact that the dates can be wildly inaccurate. Yet we firmly base a majority of our ancient to prehistoric dating on some form of this method. What is even more damning to this so-called scientific methodology is that all of the methods mentioned above along with radiometric dating are built upon two basic and unsubstantiated assumptions:

(1) The assumption of starting point or original condition


(2) The assumption of a uniform rate of change from that starting point to the present.

In other words, science has made a broad sweeping assumption about the way things happen and continue to happen in terms of time. They assume things "Have gone the way they have always gone" which is to say..."the same". This is also known as uniformitarianism. They assume things have always deteriorated at the same rate. That atoms always behave the same (which they are finding at the quantum level is not true). Many scientists in their theories have based many of their assumptions on the fact that time itself is uniform. This last one is baffling to me as Einstein's Theory of Relativity proved conclusively that time does not move the same for all observers and is therefore not uniform.

So...on with our example: A burning candle in an abandoned house. It is now burning at the rate of one inch an hour.

(Question 1) We then need to ask, "How long has it been burning and, thus, how long ago was the house abandoned?"

(Answer 1) The answer to this is: "No one can know until it can be shown how high the candle was when it was last lit and how fast it was burning originally"

(Question 2) The next question we can ask in parallel is: "How old is the earth?"

(Answer 2) The answer to this is: "No one can know unless it can be shown what it was like when it began and how rapidly it has changed since then! If it began as a molten mass of rock and metal and has been cooling down at a steady rate, it would be millions of years old."

Unless ...

Unless we accept an alternate suggestion or alternate forms of evidence, such as...accepting God's record in Genesis, that it was created with a cool crust and liquid oceans. It would not have required millions of years for the crust and oceans to form.

This scenario is reasonable and/or plausible because the earth was created to be a home for man (Genesis Chapter 1, Ps. 115: 16, Isa. 45: 18). Did an omnipotent and omniscient God have to wait billions of years to accomplish this? Of course not! If God could create man and woman "full-grown; mature" did he have less power to create a "full-grown" earth?

Since uniformitarians (which are a majority of the scientific community) do not really know where the Earth with its heavy elements could have come from, is my suggestion that implausible? Granted all the kinks in this theory have not been worked out but I have not had the luxury of thousands of minds over 150-200 years since Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution and James Hutton's Theory of Geologic Time Scales to work on this theory either. I have had one Memorial Day weekend to think about and type this post. God is good.

I am not here to redo you theories and presuppositions but if I have caused you to question them even one iota, I have succeeded in my task. Taken to its logical conclusion, the this approach would completely destroy the scientific method. The fact of the matter is that geologists hold that the laws of physics and chemistry remain unchanged with time, but that the rates of geologic processes have varied and do vary widely. This is recognized today in tectonics and paleontology.

Think for yourself people! Stop letting the power and principalities of this world brainwash you and tell you what clearly cannot be backed-up properly or violates its own rules of engagement when presenting itself in "scientific method". Geology, biology, geologists and biologists are not superior to Scripture. They never have been and never will be.

They are called flaws (or at least anomalies in the data). There are obvious flaws in these theories and no one seems to want to see them or address them. Question the answers you are being fed, your salvation or someone else’s may depend on it.

Whitcomb, John Clement. The World That Perished:  An Introduction to Biblical Catastrophism. Rev. BMH ed. Winona Lake, Ind..: BMH Books, 2009. Print.

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