May 23, 2011

...crucify him, CRUCIFY HIM!!

Bone-tipped lash that laid into spines of cattle
Cuts deep into the flesh of the man.
As men of rank and repute
Crown Him with a shoot of thorns
Soldiers bedeck Him in royal jester purple
All the while mocking Him up the hill
So they can crucify him.

Wood of a tree that once sheltered a songbird
Splinters raw flesh of the Man of Sorrows
Soldiers sneer casting lots for His robe
The mockers quip, "He saved others...he cannot
even save himself...har har, chuckle chuckle"
They crucify Him.

Nails that held together shelter for downtrodden
Tear hands and feet and grind against bone.
Soldiers make faces and drink their vinegar wine
The plebians look on with scorn at a naked man
Mary stands hopelessly, her heart is pierced

The spear that conquered foriegn adversaries
Exposes the viscera of Jesus, water and blood
Drains down to the soil of Jerusalem
Forever staining the ground and suffocating sin
Crucified Him

The ones that cried "Hosanna"
Because their king came to them days ago
Lowly and riding on a donkey
On a colt, the foal of a donkey
Now turned on Him like vipers 

Same as the ones with their sinful behavior
At the First Baptist Church of Boyertown
Commiting their sins with a passe attitude
As if, through their sins they scream at Him too...
...crucify Him! CRUCIFY HIM!!!

...its only a small insignificant little    thing
nothing to lose sleep over...right?



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